To the prettiest beauties in my life! From the time we are born to the time we breath our last, the one word attached to us weather we go to school, college, are in nursery, preschool or whatever position in life- FRIENDS! Tagging people as our friends which at times are large in number when … Continue reading Friends<3


Mommy Darling!

A contact that brings a full-fledged smile every time it flashes on my phone's screen. Isn't the feeling super awesome. Indeed, it is. Being in hostel which is equal to being away from the parents for the first time make us realise what paramount importance they have in our lives and how hollow it is … Continue reading Mommy Darling!

Nothing is LIFE!

From the time we are born, all we come across is what we should become, what all we need to achieve , how luxurious our lifestyle should be, the bigger the house , the higher status in the society, how extraordinary we should be in whatever we do, how greener the grass should be of … Continue reading Nothing is LIFE!

It’s all in the ‘WORDS’

Undoubtedly, isn't it?  Words are nothing more than the alphabets of a particular language combined together which helps us in communicating externally as well as internally. Words which, we learn from the society around us, our flourishing mother tongue, words that helps us in picturing things because of the meaning attached to it, words that ESSENTIALLY … Continue reading It’s all in the ‘WORDS’

WOWness in PAIN!

  Isn't the title a bit absurd? It is, indeed. It is because all our lives we are taught how to escape from pain, what all to do under the sun so that nowhere in life one ever has a face-to-face interaction with this pathetic sounding word. To stay miles apart from this feeling, we start … Continue reading WOWness in PAIN!