To the prettiest beauties in my life!

From the time we are born to the time we breath our last, the one word attached to us weather we go to school, college, are in nursery, preschool or whatever position in life- FRIENDS! Tagging people as our friends which at times are large in number when we are in the initial years of our life because at that point of time quantity matters to you. With age or should I replace it with maturity ,we tend to realise that quantity does not matters much.You might be having just one or maybe two friends that make you realise how beautiful life is with them,

Sitting with ‘your people‘ who make your stomach ache to the core and your cheek muscles cry for help, who make you see the world e a little less problematic, sorrowful, surrounded with beautiful people, more merrier, are beautiful inside out are just the type one should call as their extended family.

Friendship is not about talking or just gossiping and giggling, it is about tat set of people who evolve you as a better person, who know the good and bad in you. Appreciate you behind your back but pull your leg like anything on your face.Those that don’t think twice before pointing out your mistake privately, but still love you unconditionally in spite of your flaws giving you bone-breaking hugs.

Considering the above points, maybe friendship is something skin deep , more of a family thing just with people who do not share your genes ad antigens but make you feel as one from the same piece of cloth stitched together to make a beautiful linen clothing. Isn’t it?

Friendship is about being there for one another even when the wind flows opposite. So, today go and hug bone-crushingly to those lunatics that make your life complete and put a curve on your face despite the situation.




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